2015 Fellows

Interdisciplinary Training

2015 Fellows


Sidney Bell
Mentors: Dr. Trevor Bedford (VIDD) and Dr. Michael Emerman (Human Biology)
Proposal Title: "Reconstructing and identifying determinants of primate lentivirus cross-species transmission events"

Amy Ferreccio
Mentors: Dr. Hannele Ruohola-Baker (Biochemistry, UW) and Dr. David Baker (Biochemistry, UW)
Proposal Title: "Generation of novel, high affinity Tie2 antagonists through protein design to block aggressive cancer cell resistance to radiation and chemotherapy"

Pia Hoellerbauer
Mentors: Dr. Patrick Paddison (Human Biology) and Dr. Eric Holland (Human Biology)
Proposal Title: "Noncoding RNA function, networks and targeting in glioblastomas"

Rigney Turnham
Mentors: Dr. John Scott (Pharmacology, UW) and Dr. Ray Yeung (Surgery, UW)
Proposal Title: "Multiplexed mutation rate analysis for prediction of Lynch syndrome risk"



Megan Bailey
Mentors: Dr. Charles Asbury (Physiology & Biophysics) and Dr. Sue Biggins (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: "Capturing Tubulin’s Conformational Wave"

Rachel Bender Ignacio
Mentors: Dr. Corey Casper (VIDD) and Dr. Ann Duerr (VIDD)
Proposal Title: "Unmet demand for HIV treatment and survival after concurrent versus sequential initiation of antiretrovirals with cancer-directed therapy at the Uganda Cancer Institute"

Raj Poudel
Mentors: Dr. Jihong Bai (Basic Sciences) and Dr. Robert Eisenman (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: "Investigating molecular interactions in cancer cell metastasis"

Mikaela Stewart
Mentors: Dr. Rachel Klevit (Biochemistry, UW) and Dr. Mary-Clair King (Medicine, UW)
Proposal Title: "Aiming BRCA1 to find the targets"

Ken Lindsay
Mentors: Dr. David Hockenbery (Clinical Research) and Dr. Patrick Paddison (Human Biology)
Proposal Title: "Metabolic targeting of glioblastoma therapeutics"

Li-Jie Wang
Mentors: Dr. Andrew Hsieh (Human Biology) and Dr. Steven Henikoff (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: "Chromatin remodeling and translation control dynamics in bladder epithelium"