2011 Fellows

Interdisciplinary Training

2011 Fellows

Tina Albershardt
Mentors:  Dr. Alanna Ruddell (Human Biology) and Dr. Brian Iritani (UW Comparative Medicine)
Proposal Title:  "The Role of B Cells in Tumor-Induced Lymph Node Lymphangiogenesis and Lymphatic Metastasis"

Melissa Conerly
Mentors:  Dr. Stephen Tapscott (Human Biology) and Dr. Mark Groudine (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title:  "Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transitions: Twist and Snail as Modulators of Global Chromatin Structure in Normal Development and Disease."

Leslie Goo
Mentors:  Dr. Julie Overbaugh (Human Biology) and Dr. Barbra Richardson (Public Health Sciences)
Proposal Title:  "The Role of Neutralizing Antibodies in HIV-1 Transmission and Pathogenesis"

Christopher Hubert
Mentors:  Dr. Jim Olson (Clinical) and Dr. Patrick Paddison (Human Biology)
Proposal Title:  "Identification and Development of Synergistic Combination Therapies for Glioblastoma"

Joseph Jardine
Mentors:  Dr. Bill Schief (UW Biochemistry) and Dr. Roland Strong (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title:  "Next generation HIV vaccine design via the 2F5 epitope"

Sam Lancaster
Mentors:  Dr. Johanna Lampe (Public Health Sciences) and Dr. Erick Matsen (Public Health Sciences)
Proposal Title:  “Correlation of Equol Production to Specific Intestinal Bacterial Groups”

Julia Lauper
Mentors:  Dr. Tom Vaughan (Public Health Sciences) and Dr. Ray Monnat (UW Pathology & Genome Sciences)
Proposal Title:  "The Role of the WRN Helicase in DNA Metabolism and Tumorigenesis"

Nitobe London
Mentors:  Dr. Sue Biggins (Basic Sciences) and Dr. Jeff Ranish (Institute for Systems Biology)
Proposal Title:  "Phospho-regulation of chromosome segregation by the conserved kinase Mps1"

Efrem Lim
Mentors:  Dr. Michael Emerman (Human Biology) and Dr. Harmit Malik (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: "Evolution and antagonism of Viperin"

Raymond Malfavon-Borja
Mentors:  Dr. Harmit Malik (Basic Sciences) and Dr. Michael Emerman (Human Biology)
Proposal Title:  "Evolution of a third, ancient TRIMCyp gene fusion in primates"

Ramon Mendoza
Mentors:  Dr. Dusty Miller (Human Biology) and Dr. Janet Stanford (Public Health Sciences)
Proposal Title:  "Detection and Rescue of Replicating XMRV virus in Cohort of Prostate Cancer Patients"

Esther Mintzer
Mentors:  Dr. Keith Jerome (Vaccine and Infectious Disease) and Dr. David Baker (UW Biochemistry)
Proposal Title:  "Design and evolution of homing endonucleases targeting essential HIV genes"

Shelli Morris
Mentors:  Dr. William Grady (Clinical) and Dr. Martin McIntosh (Public Health Sciences)
Proposal Title:  "A Forward Genetic Screen to Identify Functionally Important Colon Cancer Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes"

Rachael Norris
Mentors:  Dr. Paul Lampe (Public Health Sciences) and Dr. Christopher Li (Public Health Sciences)
Proposal Title:  "How the regulation of connexins during the maturation of mammary tissue may protect against breast cancer"

Sarah Talarico
Mentors: Dr. Nina Salama (Human Biology), Dr. Johanna Lampe (Public Health Sciences)
Proposal Title: "Molecular and Epidemiologic Methods for Study of Helicobacter pylori Transmission"

Jessica Yager
Mentors:  Dr. Corey Casper (Vaccine and Infectious Disease) and Dr. Beti Thompson (Public Health Sciences)
Proposal Title:  "Measuring the impact of mobile phone short message service on Kaposi sarcoma outcomes in Uganda"

Zizhen Yao
Mentors: Dr. Steve Tapscott (Human Biology), Dr. Phil Bradley (Public Health Sciences)
Proposal Title: "Molecular mechanisms for inactivation of MyoD-mediated muscle differentiation in rhabdomyosarcomas"