Interdisciplinary Training

Tata Pramila

Transcriptional Signaling on a Genomic Scale

The aim of my project is to test and refine a statistical approach to the analysis of DNA microarray data. We are using array data from the public domain, as well as generating our own, to identify and characterize the consecutive waves of cell cycle regulated transcription in budding yeast. A refined model will be used to determine the activation and deactivation times, the basal and activated levels and the statistical significance of each of these oscillating transcripts. After the pattern of oscillatory transcripts is established, they can be used as molecular landmarks for cell cycle progression. These landmarks will more precisely define the stages of the cell cycle and will enable a clearer understanding of the control of the timing of the cell cycle and the cause and effect of the oscillating transcripts. Budding yeast is an important model system for cancer studies, however the broadest impact of this study may be to provide a proof of principle for a new way of analyzing microarray data. This method should be applicable to any biological question for which reasonable assumptions can be made about how and when transcriptional patterns will respond to a stimulus.