Interdisciplinary Training

Ellen Goode

Genetic Epidemiology Of Prostate Cancer

I am a 5th year Epidemiology student working on the Prostate Cancer Genetics Research Study (PROGRESS) which seeks to identify inherited prostate cancer genes. My current training is building upon a recently published linkage analysis in the 1q24-25 region in 150 high risk prostate cancer families (Goode et al., Genetic Epidemiology 18:251-275, 2000). I have reviewed medical records of over 500 affected men in these families, and I am incorporating this clinical data into a new linkage analysis. By grouping families with similar clinical characteristics, I hope to increase our power to identify prostate cancer linkage to 1q24-25, 1q42.2-43, and Xq27-28 (regions thought to harbor susceptibility genes). Such analysis of the PROGRESS families should contribute to our understanding of the role of these susceptibility genes in inherited prostate cancer. The genetics training I'm receiving as part of this interdisciplinary program provides a unique foundation for a future research career in cancer genetic epidemiology.