Vascular Access in Apheresis (1.2 CEs)

In this presentation from February 10, 2021, Libby Barnett and Chad Emerson review how to evaluate peripheral venous access suitability for donor and therapeutic apheresis procedures. They describe vascular access sizes and characteristics, review vascular access devices (VAD) used in apheresis modalities, and discuss the use of arteriovenous fistulas and grafts for therapeutic apheresis. Participants will also learn about potential complications and troubleshooting techniques for vascular access issues and VADs. This is part 5 of a 12-part lecture series designed to educate on different aspects of apheresis and prepare learners for the Qualifications in Apheresis (QIA) Certification Exam.

Presenter: Libby Barnett, RN, HP (ASCP), & Chad Emerson, BSN, RN

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No CEs offered for viewing this presentation.