2011 Fellows

Graduate Students

2011 Fellows

Valerie Cortez
Mentor:  Dr. Julie Overbaugh (Human Biology)
Proposal Title:  "Characterizing the effect of HIV-1 superinfection on the development of antibody breadth: gaining insight into the elicitation of broadly neutralizing antibodies"

Alison Kell
Mentor:  Dr. Gael Kurath (UW Global Health, Pathobiology)
Proposal Title:  "Investigations of viral genotype displacement events using in vivo superinfection and co-infection fitness assays for a vertebrate RNA virus"

Chelsea Spragg
Mentor:  Dr. Michael Emerman (Human Biology)
Proposal Title: 

Sarah Wilson
Mentor:  Dr. Michael Lagunoff (UW Microbiology)
Proposal Title:  "Defensin-mediated antiviral immune modulation"