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Courses Offered at Fred Hutch

Spring 2019

MCB 516
Molecular and Cellular Biology Literature Review  (2.0 Credits)
Weeks 1 - 10, April 1st - June 7th, 2019

Location: Fred Hutch Campus, Weintraub Bldg., Rm. B1-072/074
Meeting Time: Wednesdays, 4:00 to 5:00
Instructors: Nina Salama, PhD (Fred Hutch/UW Microbiology Affiliate),                                                                                Rich Gardner, PhD (UW Associate Professor, Pharmacology)

The purpose of Lit Review is to provide a venue for the first year MCB class to come together once a week to focus on the primary literature surrounding a particular topic. The major emphasis of the sessions is to understand how the hypotheses of the paper are derived and then tested. An additional purpose of Lit Review is to give students practice leading a discussion section.

The class will collaborate on the discussion and analysis of scientific questions in molecular and cellular biology and learn how to evaluate a range of topics that span the interests of the group.

There will be 6 themes/topics this year: (1) role of epigenetic mechanisms in adaptation, development or cancer; (2) evolution of immunity; (3) stem cells and regeneration, or cancer stem cells; (4) non-coding RNAs; (5) translational regulation/protein lifecycle/new methods for analyzing protein expression and translation; and (6) CRISPR technology and applications. Each theme will be introduced by a faculty member who will lead a discussion of a paper. Subsequent papers will be chosen by 1st Yr MCB students who will also lead the discussion in the following sessions on that topic.

For more information contact Laura Masserman

MCB 516 Course Description

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