Industry Relations and Technology Transfer

For Inventors

For Investors
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Fred Hutch has more than 200 faculty members and nearly 600 other scientists.

The Industry Relations and Technology Transfer Office (IRTTO) strives to support faculty and staff in translating their discoveries into new products and services that benefit the patients they serve.

Maximizing the impact of Fred Hutch
ideas is the driving force behind our work.

We encourage inventors to contact our office well in advance of disclosing an invention so we can provide the best support and develop the best commercialization strategy for your discovery. We look forward to working with you and hearing your feedback.

For more information, contact us at or visit Contact Us page.

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Key services for investigators

  • Evaluate commercial potential of inventions
  • Protect and manage intellectual property
  • Identify opportunities and market ideas to industry
  • License intellectual property in a manner that encourages product development and generates a fair financial return for the center
  • Negotiate and administer partnership agreements including material transfer, confidentiality, collaboration and sponsored research agreements
  • Facilitate clinical and non-clinical research partnerships with industry
  • Create new businesses based on center technologies