Industry Relations and Technology Transfer

Why We Do It

Scientist working in the lab

Fred Hutch is one of the world's leading cancer research institutions.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has produced some of the world’s most important research breakthroughs that collectively have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. We recognize that translating scientific inventions into products and services is an effective strategy for maximizing the potential of the Center’s research.

The benefits of transferring technology include:

  • Development of products and services that benefit the public
  • Local economic development through job creation and new companies
  • Attraction of corporate research support for Center faculty
  • Licensing revenue to further the Center's research and mission
  • Attraction and retention of scientific talent

Ultimately everyone who is involved in the commercialization process – Fred Hutch, faculty, industry, investors, government funding agencies and the public – benefits.

Learn more about the broad impact of technology transfer at the AUTM’s The Better World Project website.