Statement of Values

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Statement of Values

Hutch faculty, managers and staff all have important roles in creating an environment that exemplifies the following values:

Scientific Excellence — Fred Hutch's first commitment is to excellence in scientific work. We have a high standard of ethics and integrity in conducting our research.

Integrity — Integrity infuses everything we do, from conducting research to operating a world-class organization. It is central to the way we govern the organization, develop our staff and steward donor funds.

Respect — We respect the contributions that each individual makes to ensure the success of our science. We honor the contribution of patients and study participants to our mission and commit to the highest standards of care, integrity and confidentiality in our services to them. We respect individuality and recognize the strength that comes from diversity of perspectives and backgrounds.

Openness — We recognize the importance of sharing information and allowing for the free exchange of ideas between staff throughout the Center regardless of position or affiliation with outside interests. We strive to have decisions made by those closest to the issue, acknowledging the value of first-hand experience.

Innovation — We recognize the importance of creativity and responsible risk-taking. We aim to minimize bureaucracy and maintain focus on the mission. Our systems and policies support scientific achievement.