Research Spectrum

  • Dr. BARRY STODDARD is developing “MOLECULAR SCISSORS” to edit disease-causing mutations in the human genetic code.
  • Dr. ERIC HOLLAND is building a DATABASE OF GENETIC INFORMATION of patients’ tumors. When new patients have tumors profiled, doctors will be able to compare those profiles to others in the database and select treatments that give patients the chance at survival.
  • Approximately 1 in 4 cases of cancer is infection-related and most strike people in the developing world. As part of our program in GLOBAL ONCOLOGY, research teams at Fred Hutch and the Uganda Cancer Institute unite to create affordable, lifesaving treatments in a limited-resource setting.
  • Dr. MARK ROTH discoveries in SUSPENDED ANIMATION led to a technique that can dim metabolism and may buy precious time for crtically ill patients.
  • Dr. JIM OLSON developed TUMOR PAINT, an experimental molecule derived from scorpion venom that illuminates cancer cells so surgeons can see the tumor margins more clearly.
  • Hundreds of CLINICAL TRIALS are underway at Fred Hutch — giving patients access to newest treatments and helping our investigators develop effective therapies faster. 
  • Drs. PHIL GREENBERG and STANLEY RIDDELL were among the first to show the potential of the immune system to wipe out cancers. Now we’re perfecting this approach, which could render chemotherapy and radiation obsolete through IMMUNOTHERAPY.
  • After Dr. IRWIN BERNSTEIN identified a way to multiply cord blood stem cells, Dr. Colleen Delaney built on his work to revolutionize CORD BLOOD TRANSPLANTATION. This approach could help thousands of patients who need transplants but can’t find matching bone marrow donor. 
  • Drs. LARRY COREY and JULIE MCELRATH built the HIV VACCINE TRIALS NETWORK (HVTN), the world’s largest network for testing potential HIV VACCINES with promising trials underway in dozens of countries.
  • More than one million BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTS (BMT) have been performed worldwide — a testament to Fred Hutch's DR. E. DONNALL THOMAS, who pioneered the technique. Thomas' work earned him a Nobel Prize, 1 of 3 awarded to Hutch scientists since 1990.
    When the Hutch-based WOMEN'S HEALTH INITIATIVE, led by Drs. GARNET ANDERSON and ROSS PRENTICE, found combined hormone therapy dramatically increases breast cancer risk, millions of women stopped taking the drugs, preventing up to 20,000 cases of breast cancer every year in the U.S. 
  • Dr. DENISE GALLOWAY helped develop a vaccine that prevents human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, which can cause cervical cancer. Her work means thousands of women worldwide avoid the deadly disease and, with low-cost HPV vaccines now being distributed in the developing world, many more lives will be saved. 
  • Drs. SCOTT RAMSEY and GARY LYMAN formed HICOR (Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research) to work with patients, physicians, researchers and payers to identify the nexus of the most effective and affordable cancer care.