In Remembrance of Dottie Thomas

In Remembrance of Dottie Thomas

Dottie Thomas

Photo by Susie Fitzhugh

Dorothy E. “Dottie” Thomas, known as the “mother of bone marrow transplantation” for the years she spent working as a research partner alongside her husband, Nobel prize-winning Dr. E. Donnall Thomas, died Jan. 9, 2015 at her home near Seattle. She was 92.

The Thomases formed the core of a team who proved that bone marrow transplantation could cure leukemias and other blood cancers, work that spanned several cities, research institutions and decades. 

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Dottie's Bridge

Gifts will be directed to Dottie's Bridge, an endowment to grow and assist young researchers.

Memories of Gratitude

Remembrance Book

The Fred Hutch family remembers with gratitude the life of Dottie Thomas, known as the "mother of bone marrow transplantation."

Life and legacy

Don & Dottie's Life

Dottie Thomas worked closely with her husband, Dr. E. Donnall Thomas, on the transplantation.  They touched lives around the world.