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Hutch Heroes

The critical work of Fred Hutch would not be possible without the tireless pioneering work of our scientists, the courage of patients and their families, the generosity of our donors and supporters, and the dedication of so many volunteers.

We are grateful and honored by these many contributions, and want to share some of these important stories.

Dr. E. Donnall Thomas and Dottie Thomas

Dr. E. Donnall Thomas and Dottie Thomas -- 'the father and mother of bone marrow transplantation' -- forever changed the world of cancer treatment. Dr. Thomas earned a Nobel prize for his pioneering work in 1990 has saved countless lives and is one of cancer treatment's greatest success stories. 

Dr. E. Donnall Thomas

Photo by Susie Fitzhugh

Dr. E. Donnall Thomas forever changed the world of cancer treatment when he pioneered bone marrow transplantation, a breakthrough that earned him the 1990 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine. But Thomas’s most powerful legacy is measured in the number of lives saved every year thanks to his groundbreaking work.

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Dottie Thomas

Photo by Susie Fitzhugh

Wife of the Nobel prize-winning bone marrow transplant pioneer, the late Dr. E. Donnall Thomas, Dottie has been called the “mother of bone marrow transplantation” thanks to the nearly 60 years she spent working with her husband on this cure.

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