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Mercy Laurino, SCCA, presents her poster to Carly Strasser, Fred Hutch, and Natasha Carrera, SCCA, at Oncology Recognition Day at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Robert Hood / Fred Hutch

Cascadia Data Alliance

The opportunity: The Cascadia region is home to some of the world’s leading technology, research and medical organizations. Bringing the region’s wealth of expertise and assets together could help achieve vastly more than each could individual organization could accomplish alone. A Cascadia regional alliance has the potential to lead the world in data-driven innovation in biomedical research and healthcare.

The challenge: Governance, social, and technical barriers have historically limited cross-organizational sharing of data, resources, research, and technology.

The Cascadia Data Alliance will change that.

Cascadia Region graphic

Cascadia Region

The Hutch Data Commonwealth’s goal in creating the Cascadia Data Alliance is to establish a health research data ecosystem with organizations across the Pacific Northwest region. The Alliance will facilitate creation of shared best practices in data governance and groundbreaking partnerships. Improved governance and collaboration will be used to drive towards a common data platform to accelerate research and innovation across the community.

The regional health data ecosystem is focused on three community pillars:

  • Common approach to data governance
  • Commitment to improving data access
  • Data management best practices & standards

Progress to date

The Hutch Data Commonwealth (HDC) has recently dedicated full-time staff to the Cascadia Data Alliance effort. HDC is finalizing details of the Cascadia Data Alliance’s first initiative that will focus on facilitating data discovery, including a sponsorship agreement and initial partnerships with collaborating institutions.


Cascadia Alliance Leadership

Brenda Kostelecky, PhD
Director, Cascadia Data Alliance Program 

Brenda is a scientific program director experienced in developing and implementing innovative and strategic programs to advance research and discovery. She has several years’ experience leading successful cross-organizational initiatives at the National Cancer Institute and American Association for Cancer Research. She has a scientific background in molecular biology, structural biology and cancer research.


Brenda Kostelecky, PhD

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We're onboarding more organizations to the Alliance.  Contact Director Brenda Kostelecky to receive periodic updates on the Cascadia Data Alliance.