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Visits and tours of our campus are currently on hold due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. For recruits, donors and other members of the community interested in seeing our campus, we’ve assembled information and visuals to enable a virtual visit.

Tour Our Seattle Campus

The physical and emotional center of the Fred Hutch campus is the Vessel, which is where our virtual tour begins. This 60-foot-tall, glass-and-metal artwork "employs light to represent the optimistic spirit of the institution," said artist Ed Carpenter.

The Vessel sits between the Arnold Building and the Thomas Building. The Robert M. Arnold Building houses our Public Health Sciences Division as well as the Visitor Center. The Thomas Building honors E. Donnall Thomas and is where many of our Clinical Research Division labs and researchers are based, as well as the Director's Office. 

Additional Points of Interest

A photograph of the Steam Plant building during a sunny spring day.

Explore the Lake Union Steam Plant

The historic Lake Union Steam Plant is the most recent addition to campus. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the entrance of the Steam Plant Building on the northern edge of campus to the entrance to the Yale Building, which is at the southern edge. 

The Steam Plant opened in October 2020 following a dramatic renovation. You can take a look inside the building with our virtual tour.

The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Building features distinctive curved windows that overlook the Fred Hutch campus.

Fred Hutch Clinic

The Fred Hutch clinic offers state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary cancer care, including diagnostic, surgical and medical services; chemotherapy and radiation therapy; and an array of supportive and follow-up care services. Fred Hutch also has one of the most active clinical trial programs in the world, providing patients with access to promising new treatment strategies.

The COVID-19 Clinical Research center on the Fred Hutch campus features distinctive teal columns.

The COVID-19 Clinical Research Center

Located on our campus, the COVID-19 Clinical Research Center conducts innovative studies for participants who are positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

The CCRC offers the opportunity for collaboration by virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, translational researchers and physician-scientists to apply their expertise to determine safe and effective therapies in partnership with health care providers, research institutes and the biotech/pharmaceutical industry.

Three people use machines in the excercise room of the Prevention Center.

The Prevention Center in the Arnold Building

The Prevention Center is an on-campus research environment available to Hutch scientists and the greater Puget Sound research community. Researchers can see study participants at the Prevention Center, allowing them to more carefully conduct their studies than if relying on external clinics or home environments.

Center facilities include a research clinic for trials and other prevention-oriented clinical studies, a human nutrition lab supporting dietary studies, and an exercise research center that provides exercise testing and training.

Hear from Hutch researchers and employees about what it's like to be at the vanguard of great science.


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Find more information about Fred Hutch campus buildings, visitor parking, conference spaces, cafeterias and other points of interest using our interactive campus map.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center campus

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