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Bone Marrow Transplants Globally
This lifesaving advance — and many others — are possible because of Fred Hutch’s pioneering science.


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Researchers from Fred Hutch have been honored with the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine.


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We're part of the global scientific community racing to stop the COVID-19 pandemic. Scientists from across our organization are tackling all aspects of the disease and the SARs-CoV-2 virus that causes it – including researching how it spreads, how it affects our bodies, and developing potential therapies and vaccines.

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Fred Hutch is committed to core principles that are the foundation of our scientific mission, including democracy, justice, equity and the pursuit of knowledge. We are determined to be an inclusive and equitable workplace that centers our work on the equal value of all human lives. We pursue justice and stand against acts or expressions of white supremacy and all forms of oppression because we understand that our mission is rooted in — and will only be possible through — our commitment to the best of humanity.

Read more about our upcoming faculty “cluster hire” and opportunities for early-career scientists from underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds through the Eddie Méndez Scholar Award.

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Dr. Scott Furlan
Hematopoietic Transplantation

Immunological Discoveries to Help Children With Cancer

Pediatric oncologist Dr. Scott Furlan was drawn to bone marrow transplantation because of its complexity and challenge. His research uses single-cell genomics, in which sophisticated devices separate specimens into units of individual cells and subject them to genetic sequencing to reveal how diseased cells differ from healthy ones. His goal is to bridge the gaps between scientific discoveries and the children who would benefit from them.

Dr. Heather Greenlee

Integrative Medicine and Cancer Survivorship

A cancer prevention and integrative medicine researcher, Dr. Heather Greenlee hopes that by bringing evidence-based offerings like acupuncture, massage, yoga and mindfulness into a formal oncology setting, patients will have effective options for managing some symptoms, like pain and fatigue, that can be difficult to treat. And, importantly, patients will be less likely to pursue techniques that don’t have legitimate research behind them.

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