Volunteer Health Studies

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Volunteer Health Studies

Healthy volunteers are critical to research to prevent and detect cancer and other diseases. Volunteer to alter your diet, increase exercise or try other innovative prevention strategies.

View the following studies that are currently recruiting volunteer participants. The contact identified for the study can confirm the status of the study as well as eligibility criteria.

If you would like information on clinical trials that are researching treatment for disease, please see our page listing clinical trials.

Current Studies

  • Cocoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study (COSMOS)
    Public Health Sciences
    The Women’s Health Initiative will be conducting a five-year, large-scale randomized controlled trial to test the effect of a concentrated cocoa extract and multivitamin supplements in reducing risks of CVD and cancer.
  • Immunology Study
    Clinical Research
    Fred Hutch is recruiting volunteers for a study focused on the development of new immunotherapy-based treatment. Study volunteers will go through a screening process to determine eligibility. Eligible donors are added to our database for study enrollment. Eligible donors will be invited to attend a blood draw donation event.
  • Malaria Studies: Seattle MCTC
    Vaccine and Infectious Disease
    We are working to develop vaccines and medicines to prevent and limit malaria. To do this we need healthy volunteers to take part in our clinical research studies. Read the general criteria and use our screening tool to see if you qualify for a study. Learn more.
  • Prostate Cancer Active Lifestyle Study (PALS)
    Public Health Sciences
    The PALS Study is enrolling for a study for prostate cancer patients who have chosen Active Surveillance of their cancer. The goal is to learn whether weight loss, through diet and exercise, will improve the health of men with low-grade prostate cancer.
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety After Cancer Treatment (RESTART)
    Public Health Sciences
    We are currently recruiting ovarian cancer patients for a study to Reduce Stress and Anxiety After Cancer Treatment (RESTART). Learn more and see the eligiblilty criteria.
  • The FRESH Study
    Public Health Sciences
    Some studies have shown that frequent eating is associated with lower risk for certain diseases while other studies suggest that eating the standard three meals a day is better. Researchers at Fred Hutch are currently recruiting healthy adults between the ages of 18-50 to participate in a study examining how eating patterns influence health and appetite. Participants receive $300 in compensation upon completion of all study activities.

To help build community we are collecting first-person stories from those affected by cancer or related diseases.  Every story matters. Tell us your story so we can share it.