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Olympia Guild

The Olympia Guild was founded in October 1995 with the charge of organizing 25 Olympia-area, Wash. women who were interested in "raising funds while having fun." Their efforts have been so successful that the group has blossomed to 50 members that have raised more than $240,000. And yes, they are still having fun.


The Olympia Guild has been involved with a number of fundraising endeavors, with some of the most interesting including help from sports celebrities with local ties to the Olympia area. For example, NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe, who grew up on the same street as several guild members, offered to help the Olympia Guild raise money with a "Passes for the Hutch" campaign. Another homegrown hero, baseball player Travis Lee, raised money through his "Hits for the Hutch" program.


The Olympia Guild meets four times a year, hosting lunches for members in February, May, September and November.


For more information, contact:
(206) 667-6252