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Magnolia Guild

Members of the Magnolia Guild at the Premier Chefs Dinner

Members of the Magnolia Guild at the Premier Chefs Dinner

The Magnolia Guild was formed in 1992 by a group of community leaders living in the Magnolia and Queen Anne neighborhoods of Seattle. Over the years, the Magnolia Guild has grown to include members who live in a variety of neighborhoods throughout the city.


The Magnolia Guild has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to benefit Fred Hutch's mission to eliminate cancer and related diseases as causes of human suffering and death. Events hosted by this dynamic group have ranged from the Seattle Symphony Designer Showhouse to the successful Evergreen Classic Benefit Horse Show, and most recently the Premier Chefs Dinner. Magnolia Guild members have hosted parties for the families of patients at the Hutch’s Pete Gross House. The Magnolia Guild has shown a remarkable ability to express understanding and hope to those in the community who have been diagnosed with cancer. Its members have a heartfelt commitment to help the Hutch fulfill its mission. The Magnolia Guild welcomes anyone who wishes to join in their efforts to support the Hutch.


For more information, contact:
(206) 667-6252