Brosio-Hamasaki-Stein Guild

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Brosio-Hamasaki-Stein Guild

Founded in May 1988, the Brosio-Hamasaki-Stein Guild was named for three cancer victims who had special relationships with founding guild members. Through the years, members of the Guild have been an energetic mixture of professional and stay-at-home women from around the Seattle area.


The Brosio-Hamasaki-Stein Guild has undertaken numerous fundraising projects including salmon derbies, bicycle tours, boating excursions and a tea party. Service projects in support of Fred Hutch patients and families, are also an important part of the Guild's activities and they participate in several each year. The Brosio-Hamasaki-Stein Guild organizes a yearly holiday party for patient families. Over the years, Guild members have pitched in and given their time to support the activities of other guilds and the Hutch when help was needed.


The Brosio-Hamasaki-Stein Guild meets on the second Wednesday of each month at a member's home. Refreshments, provided by members, are served prior to the meeting. Each year the guild has a weekend retreat and a holiday party.


For more information, contact:
(206) 667-6252