Other Ways to Give

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is an easy and effective way to give to Fred Hutch. Whether you work for a private company or a public organization, you can use the ease and convenience of payroll deduction to make your gift.

Individuals Wanting to Contribute Through Work

See the list of campaigns that regularly have the Hutch listed as a beneficiary or see the FAQ section for more information.

If your workplace does not participate in a campaign that benefits the Hutchinson Center, you can start a new campaign, or include the Hutch in an existing campaign. We have tools and resources to help start a campaign, just call us at 206.667.7326.

Benefits of Workplace Giving

Workplace giving campaigns greatly benefit both you and Fred Hutch by:

  • Providing an easy way to support the Hutch's research annually;
  • Helping to educate people about the Hutch's mission to cure cancer and other related diseases;
  • Helping the Hutch to budget by providing, up front, the total number of pledge dollars expected throughout the fiscal year; and
  • Helping your community and the world become a healthier place to live.

Campaign Coordinators

The Fred Hutch can help you boost your campaign by speaking at a campaign event, staffing a booth at charity or health fairs, sending campaign materials/brochures, or leading tours of our campus for your co-workers. Call us at (206) 667-5242 to coordinate speakers, tours, or booth staffing.

For information, please review our list of campaigns, how to start your own new campaign, or call us for more specific information.

Volunteering for a Workplace Event

We seek volunteers from throughout the Northwest to represent the Hutch at events during campaign season. Events include: campaign kick-off events, workplace charity fair informational booths, and thank you/awards events. To volunteer, contact us at (206) 667-5242.

For more information, contact:

Annual Giving

(206) 667-5242
(800) 279-1618, ext. 5242