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The Gregory Fund

Supporting early cancer-detection research and saving lives

Just imagine ...

  • Getting a routine, annual blood test to detect cancers before they can be detected by a clinical exam
  • Diagnosing and treating cancer early, when chances of survival are greatest
  • Predicting with a simple test whether an early stage cancer will spread, potentially sparing people with non-aggressive cancers from unnecessary surgeries or toxic therapy
Jamie Moyer and Gregory Chaya

Jamie Moyer and Gregory Chaya

The Gregory Fund®, an initiative established through the collaborative efforts of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and The Moyer Foundation, was created to help make such possibilities a reality. The purpose of the fund is to generate money and support for research dedicated to developing new ways to diagnose cancer at its earliest — most treatable — stage.

The Gregory Fund was the brainchild of Karen and Jamie Moyer. Jamie is a baseball icon, and he and his wife, Karen, are well-known community leaders and long-time supporters of the Hutchinson Center. The Gregory Fund is named after a close personal friend of the Moyers, cancer survivor Gregory Chaya, who was treated at the Center.

Support The Gregory Fund by participating in Catch a Cure for Cancer, an annual fundraising campaign hosted by the Hutchinson Center and The Moyer Foundation. Learn more about Catch a Cure for Cancer events at or

Or, to donate to The Gregory Fund by contacting Fred Hutch at, (206) 667-4399, or 1-800-279-1618.