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Study Volunteer Stories

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Bernyce's story 
Breast cancer study volunteer
Out of the anger from losing her daughter, Bernyce volunteered for the Physical Activity for Total Health (PATH) study examining whether exercise can reduce a woman's risk of getting breast cancer.

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Katy's story
Colon cancer study volunteer
After being diagnosed and successfully treated for colon cancer, Katy is helping researches better understand the disease by participating in the Colorectal Research in Epidemiology (CORE) Family Studies, which seek to find out why people develop colon cancer.

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Jim's story
Barretts esophagus study volunteer
Plagued by chronic heartburn and an ulcer at the base of his esophagus, Jim Moell sought medical help. He found Dr. Brian Reid, a Hutchinson Center researcher studying Barrett's esophagus, a pre-cancerous condition caused by chronic acid reflux.

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Gary's story
HIV vaccine trials volunteer
As an opportunity to get involved in finding what he called "a more proactive solution" to HIV/AIDS, Gary participated in a two-year study to evaluate a vaccine's ability to produce an immune response that could potentially provide protection from HIV.

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Angelica's story
Pesticide exposure prevention volunteer
A seasonal agricultural worker, Angelica participated in For Healthy Kids training. "Before the training I knew that pesticides were bad for you…but I didn't know how to protect myself from them," Zuniga said. "Now I feel that I have learned how to take care of my family from pesticides."

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