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Hutch School

Students at the Hutch School wearing their brand T-shirts

Students at the Hutch School wearing their brand T-shirts

Fred Hutch’s Hutch School is an accredited K-12 school offering education to pediatric patients and the young family members of patients at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Hutch School provides students continuity in their education as they negotiate a difficult time for themselves and their family. Whether students stay for a few weeks or a full year, their educational needs are met in a flexible, caring way, augmented by age-appropriate emotional counseling.

Private contributions allow Hutch School to provide diverse, exceptional educational opportunities for its students. For instance, through unique outings, the school aims to give students new experiences that speak to the personal challenges they are facing. One such outing is held during Hutch School is Summer Camp, when the campers spend one day at a local rock climbing gym. Each year, the staff sees remarkable moments of achievement and pride as students take to the walls and push themselves to new heights.

Similar events happen throughout the school year, and private funding is crucial to providing and maximizing these opportunities. By integrating field trips that build skills and expand expectations, staff can help students look to the future and glimpse their potential.

Private support helps fund:

  • Exceptional teaching staff
  • Books, supplies, and equipment
  • Professional development opportunities for teachers
  • Training for volunteers and tutors

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