Institute for Prostate Cancer Research

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Institute for Prostate Cancer Research

The Institute for Prostate Cancer Research (IPCR) is a collaborative effort of Fred Hutch and UW Medicine. A natural outgrowth of established research and clinical collaborations, the IPCR brings together a world-renowned team whose mission is to understand the causes of prostate cancer and its progression, develop new prevention strategies, devise innovative diagnostics and improve survival and quality of life.

The IPCR calls on the strength of more than 40 scientists and scientist-clinicians in multiple disciplines. Many are international leaders in their fields.

Together these researchers have already identified and/or assembled up to 80 percent of the genes expressed in prostate cancer, developed one of the largest serum and tissue banks in the world, undertaken some of the most advanced studies of bone biology and skeletal metastases, assembled information and genotypes for more than 300 families with hereditary prostate cancer, and developed many new therapeutic strategies.

Your investment will enhance the quality of life for prostate cancer patients and help find a cure for the number 1 cancer in men.

The IPCR is making significant advances in understanding the causes of prostate cancer and applying new ways to detect and treat the disease through regional, national and international collaborations. Private support is essential to fund research in laboratory, clinical and population settings and ensures that the most talented researchers can focus their efforts to find ways to prevent prostate cancer and cure those with the disease.

Your support of the IPCR will help us:

  • Fund innovative, high-risk and high-gain research, such as testing novel approaches for prostate cancer prevention and finding and exploiting new therapeutic targets
  • Recruit and retain the best and brightest scientists and physicians in the field of prostate cancer research and care
  • Invest in infrastructure to support research

Investing in the IPCR is a unique opportunity—one that offers the prospect of building a lasting legacy in the battle against this devastating cancer.

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