Philanthropic Gifts

Philanthropic Gifts

Those who wish to make a dramatic impact on accelerating cancer research may fund new technologies and science to improve detection and treatment of many cancers, to help improve survival and quality of life for thousands of people each year.

Contributions by generous benefactors provide key support to supplement government grants. Private support acts as a catalyst for our scientists to pursue new research, fund pilot studies and support fellowships, leading to groundbreaking discoveries that save lives.

For information on donating stock, mutual funds or real estate, please see the Donating Stock or Donating Real Estate pages.

Special Commemorative Opportunities

When you make a significant gift, you will have the opportunity to select among rooms, offices and laboratories available to be named in honor of your gift. Most gifts are recognized with a commemorative plaque adjacent to the chosen location.

Following are just a few of the recognition opportunities:

Research Buildings
Research Floor — $2,000,000-3,000,000
Pedestrian Walkway — $1,000,000
Laboratory — $500,000
Conference Room — $250,000
Research Office — $100,000
Laboratory Support Room — $75,000

Special Recognition Opportunities
Cafeteria — $1,500,000
Courtyard Bench and Planter — $50,000

For more information, contact:

Suzanne Un
Stewardship and Recognition Manager