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Membership Roster

Reflecting gifts received July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018

President's Circle INsider - $10,000+

Mitchell and Ashley Belcher
Claire Bigbie
Allison A. Blair
The Burkland Family
Darrell and Siobhan Cavens
Steven and Michelle Chattin
Sorelle and Brian Cook
Megan M. Cosgrove
Quinn Cosgrove
Michael and Sonya DeLance
Dr. V.K. Gadi and Dr. Emily Darby
Douglas and Andrea Gordon
Susanne and Scott Guthrie
Jeffrey and Shelly Heier
Ross and Emily Hubbard
Mattie Iverson and Matt Schoenholz

Michael and Rachel Jackson
Courtney Koster
Libby and Tony Kranz
Steven Liu and Dione Knowles
Todd and Jessica Madison
Kyle and Clara Munson
Christopher and Amanda Nichols
Fred Northup, Jr. and Ashley Northup
Jesse and Jennifer Ottele
Patrick Reddy
Andrew and Christine Reinland
Drs. Niki and Bryce Robinson
Darren and Heather Schwartz
Kabir and Noreen Shahani
Luke D. Timmerman and Tracy B. Cutchlow

INvestor - $5,000+

Sarah C. Avery
Jason and Kristen Bay
Keith and Petra Brakebill
Steve and Jenny Brooks
Mary C. Clare and Ryan J. Hall
Simon Peter Clarke and Alice Frick Burden
Jeffrey and Shelly Davis
Timothy Emery
Jack Fadule
Joseph and Miya Ferguson
Cory and Adrienne Finnell
Kyle and Jessica Fukuchi
Timothy and Jennifer Goggin
Alexandra and Adam Hedin
Troy and Ewelina Hickey
Erica Margaret Hiler and Christopher P. Blais
Matt and Paula Hobbs
Gregory Hotz
Catherine and Olivier Humbert
Dr. David W. Humphrey
David and Christy Johnson
Daniel Kading
Melissa and Sam Kaufmann
Leigh Kinnish
Jeff and Karina Kunins

Blake E. Lanz
Elaine Lockey
Brad Loncar
Bill and Nicole McNichols
Trevor S. Nolan and Marci J. Nolan
Casey and Linnea Oiness
Doug and Andrea Perry
Srilata D. Remala and Charles Dorner
Terry and Benton Richardson
Brad and Nancy Root
Andrew and Emily Ryan
Justine and Rob Sands
Amy and Todd Sprangers
Mark A. Stagg
Travis and Jessica Stewart
Jason and Wendy Stively
Jason and Caitlin Sugar
Jay and Lacey Timpani
Brian and Holly Towne
Courtney L. Tritt
Chezik and Kudo Tsunoda
Luis and Colette Ulloa
Julia White
Joshua Wildhorn
Jeff Woerner

INfluencer - $2,500+

Omar and Tracy Amin
Charles R. Arnold III
Pascal Beauchesne
Michael and Anna Benes
Karina and Andy Bloom
Andy and Marissa Braff
Milo and Chrissy Braseth
Ryan Broms and Merrill W. Behnke
Lauren and Jeremy Bruck
Lauren Burman
Tana L. Chmieleski
Yongbai Choi and Jessica Lim
Ryan and Elise Crumpacker
Ryan T. Dahle
Brett and Lara Deits
Richard Donelson
Russell and Marion Dorer
Jessica Einfeld
Adam and Shannon Fain
Kathryn Ficarra and Jo Munson
Faith L. Flugel
Kyle and Katie Frederickson
Jill Gaige
Gabe and Brittany Garcia
Peter and Beth Goodman
Jennifer and Bryan Grusz
Kevin and Nicole Hamblett
Justin and Catherine Hendrickson
Michelle Howard
James and Tiffany Johnson
Jeremey and Cassie Johnson
Anna and Tyler Jones
Srilakshmi Remala Kamdar and Viren Kamdar
Steven and Melissa Kaptik
Jeff and Michelle Knoll
Renee and Kevan Kurdzos
Matt and Elisha Logue
Ashley and John Love
Jeanette and Keith Malek
Lauren and Jason Martin

Jessica and John Matlock
Cari and Corey Matthaei
Alena Meeker
Jeffrey and Charlotte Mushen
Tami and Mark Netherland
Lane and Lian Oatey
Patrick O'Callaghan and Dhammika Umagiliya
Nicholas Olds
Tyler and Christine Opp
Michael T. Orbino
Ms. Nancy Peppler
Tom and Kate Peters 
Jim Phillips
Charles and Catherine Powell
Chris and Elissa Puckett
Shannon and Ryan Redington
Tyler Rigsby
Gena and Alex Schirer
Mark and Susan Shapiro
Tyler and Kellie Sholdt
Anav G. Silverman and Travis G. Olson
Isaac and Nicole Sine
Amber Sprague
Brooke and Daniel Stabbert
Justin and Kelli Stewart
Jon Strickling
Luke Stroud and Dave Siegfried
Sarah Tait and Mark Kinnish
Nikki Tallman
Yung Tan
Alex Tenenbaum
Anthony and Kimberly Todaro
Jeff and Carin Towne
Matthew and Amy Ulrickson
Ryan and Lindsey Watson
Amy Whaley
Oliver and Caroline Whitehead 
Lasse Nord and Jennifer Winick
Mr. Mark C. Winmill

INnovator - $1,000+

Graham and Brooke Allen
Jeanne Allen
Bryce Ancheta
Brenda K. Anderson
Christian Anderson
Jessica Andriesen
Charles V. Anselm
Jay B. Ashberg
Alex Augustyn
Eric Bahna
Karen T. Balek
Stephane Bancel
Rory and Erika Barrett
Tom and Emily Bash
Jessica P. Beegle
Andrea Bench-Dunn
Mr. Steve Bender
Margaret Berend
Erin and Ethan Bernau
Nikhil and Namita Bhatia
Stacy Black
Mitchell Bley
Brian Boice
Nicholas Bong
Sara Boren and Corey Allen
Diana Bowar
Debra and David Boyle
Brandon and Sapna Boze
Philip Bradley
William M. Brower IV
Ashley Brown
Shannon L. Brown
Ivan Brugiolo
Jeremy and Danae Burger
Gary Caldwell and Jo Anne Iaciofano
Mark M. Caldwell
Keli and Jeremy Carr
Ms. Eleni V. Carras
Ty and Stephanie Carson
Kelly Carter
Katie and Darren Cartwright
Anna M. Cashman and Mark Melnyk
Christopher A. Cashman
Kerri Catalozzi
Jayson Caton
Sara E. Church
Kelly A. Ciotti
Jason Clark
Heather Cooper
Zac and Ashleigh Corker
Stephanie J. Crabtree and Andy Riccioni
Chris Crome
Alex Crown
Dusty and Cindy Culbertson
Jeffrey and Lorine Cummings
Yamini Dalal
Nathaniel David
Ryann and Lindy Day
Mrs. Madeleine Desmarais
Brian Dewey
Bradley S. Dillon
Brenda Ding
Dr. Aaron Dolle
Conor Donahue
Dr. Kristina M. Doty
John and Becky Dowling
Margaret Duncan and Adam Sturdivant
Brooke and Brian Dunnigan
Corrie LaVelle Ebel
Patrick and Tara Egan
Benjamin Eickhoff
Ms. Angela Estey
Grant W. Eve, CPA
Matt Even
Ms. Victoria L. Fairweather
Ian Fee
John and Kari Feistner
Brett and Kjerstin Ferullo
Jesse Ficks
Cyrus D. Fiene
Scott and Amy Finholm
Dr. Elizabeth S. Finnessy
Rebecca Foltz
Brendan Foor
Candace Ford
Giles Forman
Mr. James Fortescue
Jon and Heather Foster
Steve and Kelly Franco
Steven and Whitney Freygang
Ryan Fritzky and Susie Fritzky
Brendan Gamb and Jennifer Cole
Calina B. Garcia
Matthew and Shanti Garman
Michelle C. Garrison
Nathaniel Gates
Yoav and Adi Gilat
Venessa Goldberg
Evan Goldring
Amanda Goll, MHA
Emily Goll
Spencer Goll
John B. Gordon
Nick Graef
Courtney O. Gregoire
Sebastian Gruenberg
Michael and Rachel Guidon
Kalan and Jennie Guiley
Sandeep and Shikha Gupta
Lori Gutierrez
Jessica Michel Hagan and Curtis Hagan
Navneet Hakhu
Spencer Hamlin
Jessica and Dusty Hanslovan
Bryce and Kathryn Hanson
Ryan and Eileen Harasimowicz
Benjamin K. Harris
Holly Hauskins
Steve and Danielle Hawley
Aaron Hedquist
Sharanjit Heer
Emily Heizer
Todd and Stephanie Henderson
Meguire Heston
Jackie and William Hizzey
Hung Ho
Ben Hoefer
Kate Holford
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hudson
Jesse Hulsing
Dana Hurley and Matt Thomlinson
Scott and Amy Hutchinson
Kyran and Courtney Hynes
Jeff and Jessica Jackson
Amanda and Brent Jacoby
Jeremy and Jacquelyn Jaech
Julie Jay
Jola and Curtis Jensen
Rainee and Gene Johnson
Anthony Jones
Doug Jones
Jon Jones and Sandra Holmes
Lauren E. Kaplan
Matthew Kaplan
Sarah Kaufmann-Fink and John Lee
Wissam and Stephanie Kazan
Ryan and Megan Keith
Amanda and Chris Kelley
John S. Ketchpaw
Jolly Khanna
Chris and Ingrid Killian
Andrew Kim
Stanley Kim
Dr. Susan S. Kim, DDS
Galya and Blake Kirstine
Yegor Kishylau
Dr. Jeffrey C. Knudson and Dr. Annie Knudson
Sergey Kobets
Alex Kochis and Maia Volkmann
Philip Kogler
Dave Kolk
Noah E. Kreyenhagen
Alexandra Laboda
Lyubov Laer
Zachary K. LaFave
Aaron and Pranika Laing
Maureen Lane
Kyle Lapham
Carmen Laponte and Cody Bean
Travis and Deborah Larsen
Stanley Lawrence
Leary-Sebo Family
Mija Lee and Gregory Foxman

Dave and Karen Leeds
Vince Leung
Dan and Sarah Lewandowski
Jen and Pete Lightbody
Jason and Amy Limp
Randi Lindstrom
Tiffany and Reagan Locker
Anisha Loeb
Thomas Loika
Chanel and David Lowe
Dennis Ma and Vannessa Nhan
David and Amy Maccarrone
John and Jessica Macintyre
Matt Macomber
Andrew Madderson
Lisa and James Magnusson
Robert L. Mahaffey
Eric and Gwen Manchion
Brian and Malissa Marcinek
Jen Marcure
Karissa and Todd Marker
Peter and Katherine Maslenikov
Amanda Masters
Monica and Matt Mathews
Akira and Pia Matsuno
Christian and Hailey Mattson
Ryan and Sara Maxwell
Ryan and Carlie McAninch
Stephanie McCann
Ashley and Joe McCone
Tim and Heidi McDaniel
James and Crystal McDonald
Zahra Megji
Zach Meissner and April Hoffmann
Megan Merringer
Nate Messner and Joss McElderry
Tyler and Katie Meurk
Daniel Milgrom and Kelly James
Jay and Kim Miller
Michael Milojevich
Ross Monson
Mr. Kieran G. Morrill
Billy and Stephanie Moultrie
Lisa Mudgett
Lynn T. Munson
Andrew and Jen Murray
Michael V. Nardy
Andy Nelson
Robert and Casey Newman
Andrew Nierman
Ryan and Aimee Noel
Eric and Sarah Oeltjen
Gail Olson-Laing and Mike Laing
Cori Sue Omundson and Hasan Isik
T.J. and Megan Orthmeyer
Kjell and Kelly Oswald
Katie Owen
Frank Palino
Siddharth S. Parakh and Sneha Jain
Robin Paris and Tad Hussey
Kristie Pate
Christa N. Peck
Brian G. Perrault
Alyssa Perry
Brielle Perry
Michael and Jennifer Peters
Kemp C. Peterson and Leslie J. Mallinger
Vincent Petisme and Chelsea Mortell Petisme
Steven Petrie
Keegan Petty
Jason Phillips and Alyson Saenz
Danny Pickard
Britenae and Matthew Pierce
Robert H. Pierce and Mai Le
Colin H. Plank
Bill Plautz
Kate Plautz
Ms. Christina S. Pluta
Corinne Plymate
Allan Ponio
Jessica and Jeffrey Powers
Nicole and Michael Pratapas
Andrew Pray
Elizabeth Prescott and Daniel Stetson
Colin Prince
Craig Prince
Jesse and Rebecca Proudman
Lisa and Bentley Pugh
Stephen Putt
Joe Raicevich
Andrew and Virginia Read
Allison Reed
Laura Revesz
Kelby and Kelly Riegsecker
Chad and Kristin Robins
Harlan and Christina Robins
Mackinley Robinson
Heidi Rogers
Dani Romain
Kevin Rooney and Ali Lewis
Ivan and Hellen Rouzanov
Darren and Cecilia Rozendaal
David Sable
Jesse Salk
Charles Sang and Shauna Underwood
Jenifer A. Sapel and Melvin D. Fry III
Scott J. Savader
Jamie and Agata Schade
Mike Schmitt
Ryan Schmitt
Mr. Daniel R. Schroeder
Casey and Allison Schuchart
Helen and Matt Sernett
Jason J. Shinn
Joshua and Dana Showers
Andrew Shute
Sophia Siao
Bree and Jeff Sievers
Harbandhna Singh
Justin and Trisha Sinnott
Nicholas and Jaclyn Siska
Sergey Smirnov
Lauren Smith
Robert and Dana Stadler
Brett and Kristina Stenmoe
Anna M. Stinchcomb
Lindsay Stotz
Robert Strimer
Stephen P. Studley
Maureen M. Sullivan and Grant Bergstrom
Ryan Sullivan
Kyle and Emi Suzuki
Michael Swafford
Drew and Leslie Swanson
Gabriel Templeton
Elizabeth Thorson
Brian and Cathee Till
Brett and Suzanne Tocco
Andrea M.H. Towlerton
David and Lynn Treadwell
Casey T. Trees and Karly Regalia
Amit Trivedi
Alex Turner
Robert von Bereghy
Liz Wagner
Joe Wallace and Sidnei Resende
Preston D. Walls
Robert Byron Warnaca and Meghan Mead
Jason and Lindsey Warnick
Michelle L. Waters
Jaime M. Weber
Valentina and Oliver Webster
Jon Weinstein
Joshua and Jaye Weisbrod
Brian and Amy Wells
Peter and Suzanna Westhagen
Erik and Alethea Westover
Samuel and Nancy Whiting
Sean Whitsitt
Brandon Whittaker
Andrew Wicklund
Jennifer Wilhelmson and Brian Ludington
Peter Williams
Jeff and Katharine Wilson
Erin and Ryan Wilson
Shannon and Ted Wilson
Tomasz Wojewoda and Agnieszka Madetko
Kari A. Wuotila
Krishna Yeshwant
Kyle and Kayley Young
Dr. Emine Zengin-Demir and Mr. Deniz Demir
Vanessa Zientek

Innovators Network benefactors include seven anonymous donors.

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