Innovators Network

Membership Roster

Reflecting gifts received January 1 - December 31, 2015

Heather Baker
Brian Boyle
Bradley and Amy Brotherton
Kari Brotherton
Stead and Kendall Burwell
Lisa and John Butters
Erica and Jose Campos
Sean and Samandra Casey
Darrell and Siobhan Cavens
Michael Clarfeld
Jeffrey and Shelly Davis
Michael and Sonya DeLance
Justin and Alexis Erickson
John Forsythe
Susanne and Scott Guthrie*
John and Elena Harnish
Jeffrey and Shelly Heier*
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Hickey*
David and Christy Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan T. Kennedy
Leigh Kinnish
Kyoko Kurosawa and Steve Pergam, M.D.
Clark and Lori Lindsay
Todd and Jessica Madison
Lauren and Jason Martin
Kevin and Sarah McCain
Christopher and Amanda Nichols
Tom and Katy Peters
Russell and Chelsea Proctor
Srilata D. Remala and Charles Dorner
Chad and Kristin Robins
Michael and Alexis Rowell
John and Traci Jo Schneider
Keith James Schreiber and Clare M. Kapitan
Kabir and Noreen Shahani
Jason and Wendy Stively
David B. Stroble
Kathryn A. Sweyer and Chris Berta
Luis and Colette Ulloa*
Vs. Cancer Foundation
Eric and Daria Whettam
Jason Zander
Kevin Zelko

$2,500 - $4,999
Charles R. Arnold III
Carrie M. Barham
Luk and Heather Blackwell
Kathleen and Paul Bradley
Christina and John Brandenfels
Steve and Jennifer Brooks*
Mr. Gary Caldwell and Mrs. Jo Anne Iaciofano
Blaine and Claire Cameron
Osmond Castro
Elizabeth and Andy Chang
Steven and Michelle Chattin
Shafeena Chatur and Derek Slager
Robert and Dana Colon
Craig Colvett
Brett and Lara Deits
Ashleigh and Chris Dickinson
David and Margaret Enslow
Folashade Fashokun
Scott and Amy Finholm*
Jefferson Fletcher and Margaret Masterson
Mark and Jayme Freeborn
Kyle Fukuchi
Douglas Gordon
John B. Gordon
Bill and Jill Gormley
Jennifer and Bryan Grusz
William and Kelly Harp
Andrew and Amy Harrison
Justin and Catherine Hendrickson
Gregory Hotz*
Edward Houghton
Jola and Curtis Jensen
Kurt and Clair Jensen
James and Tiffany Johnson
Andrea Jones*
Tyler and Anna Jones
James and Angela Kahler
Lynette and David Klingeman
Jeffrey and Michelle Knoll
Sylvia Lee and Glenn Kelman
Kenneth and Michelle Lo
Matt and Elisha Logue*
Thad and Lisa Mallory
Michael D. McCann
Michelle L. McCormick
Elizabeth and Ryan McKinney
Dr. Ryan McNamara and Dr. Donna Soleman
Rachel Meade
Scott C. Neal
Fred Northup, Jr. and Ashley Northup
David Notario and Latife Lacin
Jesse and Jennifer Ottele
Elizabeth Pomeroy
Chris and Elissa Puckett
Patrick Reddy
Sonia and Matthew Reid
Leslie and Michael Robertson
Justine and Rob Sands
Michael and Desiree Schlitt
Laura Severance
Lotte Steuten
Travis and Jessica Stewart
Brian and Gina Summers
Jennifer E. Sylvester
Sarah Tait and Mark Kinnish
Andrea Towlerton
Amy Whaley and Tony Manzanares
Jeff Woerner
Derek and Kellie Yurosek

$1,000 - $2,499
Nitin Agrawal
Stephanie Alexander and Michael Wilson
Graham and Brooke Allen
Jeanne Allen
Marcelo and Adriana Alonso
Billy Anders
Gregory L. Anderson and Jared Rue
Tyler R. Andrews
Chris Antonio
Emilia Arnold
Geoff and Catherine Austin
Nikki and Steve Austin
Sarah C. Avery
Yassine Azmi
Eric Bahna
Nicole Ball
Renate W. Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Beale
Jessica Beegle
Carrie Bennette
Erin and Ethan Bernau
Kenneth and Shiori Betzler
Claire Bigbie and Jay Shapiro
Joel and Audrey Bines
Benjamin and Emily Black
Kristi Blair
Brett Bly and Megan Smiley
Lance and Rachel Bon
Lisa Boyapati
Keith and Petra Brakebill
Aaron Bregel*
Amy Breznikar
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Brotherton
Ivan Brugiolo
Lauren L. Burman
Michele and Loris Candiloro
Michael Carson
Kelly Carter
Holly Chisa
Sara Chizek
Tana L. Chmieleski
Yongbai Choi and Jessica Lim
Stephanie P. Chu
Charlie Chung*
Simon Clarke and Alice Burden
Andrew and Juli Cook
Jordan and Katie Corey
Colin and Sasha Correnti
Alan Coyle and Rebecca Seago-Coyle
Ryan Crisman
Ryan and Elise Crumpacker
Jeffrey and Lorine Cummings
Brian and Elise Cunningham
Kris Richey Curtis and Joshua D. Curtis
Joshua and Stephanie Davis
Matt Dente
Brodie Desimone
Alexander and Hilary Doroski
Brooke and Brian Dunnigan
Jessica Einfeld
Tracey and Mike Elfstrom
Scott and Christine Ely
Timothy Emery
Allison and Gregory Enell
Victoria Fairweather
Tonia M. Farman
Lisa Fazio
Kathryn Ficarra Munson
Kristen Finholm
Karin M. Finn
Cory and Adrienne Finnell
Brian Finrow
Jens Fischer and Susanne Wagner-Fischer
Faith Flugel
Matt and Nicole Forrest
James Fowler and Dr. Elisabeth Beaber
Amanda E. Francis
Barry Fuchs
Phil and Lisa Gafken
Rebecca Gearhart
Joshua Gebhardt
Nandita and Jochem Geerdink
Filiz N. Genca and Matt Schnugg
Tiffany Genis
Joe Geraghty
Katrin and Ryan Gist

Amanda Goll, MHA
Alex J. Gordon
Brad and Sarah Gray
Peter Greatrex
Jon Greenhalgh
Shelly Griggs
Julie and Daniel Guenthner
Noah Gundersen
Caroline Habel
Jessica Michel Hagan and Curtis Hagan
Justin Hagood
Rodney Hakimian
Zachary Hale
Richard Hammond
Jeff Hardie and Laurie Saito*
Jennifer Harnish
Kevin and Bobbi Harrison
Kenneth and Julie Hart
Alexandra and Adam Hedin
Benjamin Hedin
Todd and Stephanie Henderson*
Sarah and Robert Hendrick
Chris Herbert
David P. Hess
David and Jessica Heyting
Tyler and Katie (Orgill) Hinckley
Brent and Dulcy Hixson
Douglas Hodson
Matthew and Natalie Holm
Sarah Camille Hopkins and Anirudh Bansal
Nicole House
Jeffrey J. Hsu and Robyn Kimura-Hsu
Shannon and Troy Hull
Olivier and Catherine Humbert*
Scott and Amy Hutchinson*
Mr. C. Nathan Ill
Matthew D. Joe
Allen and Carleigh Johnson*
Erik and Jennifer Johnson
Jeremey and Cassie Johnson
Molly Judge
Matthew Kahn
Marcela Kanalos
Steven and Melissa Kaptik
Tomasz Kasperkiewicz
Wissam and Stephanie Kazan
Rani Khan
Chris and Ingrid Killian
Dr. Susan S. Kim, DDS
Brian and Melynda Kite
Philip Kogler
David M. Kolk
Melissa Kovacich
Libby and Tony Kranz
Joel and Heidi Kuipers
Renee and Kevan Kurdzos
Nathan and Mrs. Shelly Kurtz
Richard Kyle and Kara Matthew*
Brian and Rachel Ladin
Alex Landeen
Maureen Lane
Blake E. Lanz
Amy and Aaron Lavin
Nancy Le and Diego Rivera
Mija Lee and Gregory Foxman
Merry Lewis
Andrew Lientz
Thomas Loika
Jeremy Lott
Jeffrey and Jennifer Lounsberry
Sebastian and Christy Lurie
Dennis Ma and Vannessa Nhan
David and Amy Maccarrone
Shawn and Kate B. Macfarlan
Dr. Amalia S. and Craig A. Magaret
Keith W. Malek
Eric and Gwendolyn Manchion
Fiona and Timothy Marshall
Peter and Katherine Maslenikov
Serge and Laureen Matta
David and Laura Matter
Mark Maunder
Ryan and Sara Maxwell*
Tod and Christa McBryan*
Stephanie McCann
Mark McCasey
Joe and Mrs. Ashley L. McCone
John and Catherine McDowall
Michael C. McGarity
Vince and Rachel McGruder
Katy McNaughton
Laura Medina
Alena Meeker
Zahra Megji
Michael and Lisa Miller
James and Rynelle Minkley
Ruchi Mishra
Christopher and Barb Moe
Jennifer and Gerald Morales
Samantha T. Neukom
Kathryn and Nicholas Newhall
Dr. Lisa N. Nguyen
Chris Nichols and Shannon Flood-Nichols
Todd and Marci Nicholson
David R. Nilssen
Trevor and Marci Nolan
Dr. Dodi and Rachael Nov
Sean M. O'Brien
Tim Oerting*
PJ Ohashi
Christian and Kristin O'Meara
Michael Orbino
Tim and Amy Owens
Robin Paris
Matthew Parker
Sean Pattwell
Christa N. Peck
Catherine L. Peichel and Steve Froggett
David S. Peskin
Michael and Jennifer Peters
Joshua D. Petersen
Kemp C. Peterson and Leslie J. Mallinger
Elizabeth and Benjamin Petter
Lindsey and Steve Pinckney
Nicole and Michael Pratapas
Elizabeth Prescott and Daniel Stetson*
Casey F. Price
Colin G. Prince
Christopher and Melissa Prock
Eric Prock and Tracy Sullivan Prock
Lisa and Bentley Pugh
Jennifer Rehan and Yasmeen Jaddi
Theresa Reynolds
Carrie D. Rhodes
Terry and Benton Richardson
Keri Robinson
Nicole C. Robinson
James and Elissa Roche
Heidi Rogers
Katie Roll
Dani Romain
Kevin Rooney
Brad and Nancy Root
Darren and Cecilia Rozendaal
Paul and Ana Maria Rudnicki
Andrew Ryder
Kris Salerno & Kathleen Sirianni
Kristin Sayre
Francis Scaglione
Kjell and Katerie Schei
Gena and Alex Schirer*
Beth and Chris Schmaltz
Walter and Michelle Schmetzer
Kelly Schneider
Paul L. Schneiderman
Daniel R. Schroeder
Kari Sepkowski
Mark and Susan Shapiro*
Shwethan and Sumeeta Shetty
Jason J. Shinn
Lena Showalter
Bree and Jeff Sievers
Mike and Lisa Simpson
Ashish and Cammy Singh
Nicholas and Jaclyn Siska
Michael Smedberg and Sherry Koyama
James Snook
Saul Spady
Catherine and Brent Stach
David and Theresa Starks
Ben Steele and Melinda Iwen
Jennifer and Jonathan Steele
Christy Stewart
Kevin and Ingrid Stolle
Luke Stroud and Dave Siegfried
Kyle and Emi Suzuki
Michael Swafford*
Scott Swerland
Christopher Swift
Patrick and Angelika Tam
Semih Tareen
Brian and Jessica Teal
Andrew and Shana Tischaefer
Brett and Suzanne Tocco
Michael Turk and Melissa Morrier-Turk
Dustin and Elizabeth Van Wyck
Neal and Amy Vickers
Brett W. Wagenbach
Andrew and Emily Warden*
Shannon Ware
Shane Watkins and Alex Deesing
Matt Weaver and Neomi Van Horn
Holly Westerfield
Kate Whettam and Ben Hill
Steven and Karen Wilkerson
Penny Williams
Rebekah and Derek Willis
Jeff and Katherine Wilson
Douglas R. Wood
Scott and Jennifer Wroblewski
Brian and Amy Wulfestieg

Innovators Network benefactors include two anonymous donors.

*charter members

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