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Innovators Network member and Fred Hutch researcher Dr. Sue Biggins (middle) with guests at an IN happy hour.

Innovators Network and Fred Hutch researcher Dr. Sue Biggins (middle) with guests at an IN happy hour.

At Fred Hutch, everything we do, we do to save lives. One of the best ways we can do this is to understand cancer, make breakthroughs and translate those scientific advances into the clinic to help patients. With support from Innovators Network, Fred Hutch can do this faster and better.

Recent breakthroughs made possible by private funds from supporters like you include research conducted by Dr. Sue Biggins and her team.

-    Dr. Sue Biggins studies the highly-orchestrated and life-essential process of how chromosomes are distributed during cell division. Cells that end up with the wrong number of chromosomes are a hallmark of cancer and the leading cause of spontaneous miscarriages and hereditary birth defects.

-    Dr. Biggins’ team used private funds to transform their field of research and became the first to isolate functional, intact kinetochores, cellular machines prominent in the cell division process. The team leveraged this breakthrough to reveal spectacular insights into chromosome mechanics and cell division.

-    Their work could eventually lead to new strategies for halting cancer cells’ uncontrolled proliferation or preserving maternal and child health.

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