Gabriela Emond, BS


Gabriela Emond, BS

Gabriella Emond

A patient’s first interaction with the clinic

As a clinical coordinator for the Survivorship Program, Emond does all the scheduling and collecting of records for all patients coming to the clinic. She is totally committed to making each patient’s experience smoother and no hassle - starting with the scheduling of appointments through the collection of records needed for the appointments. These are critical first steps for patients and staff, especially as the clinic continues to grow.

Emond joined the program in October 2014 and came with a keen understanding of the importance of medical records and documentation. She was previously a site manager for E.R. Scribes at West Florida Hospital in Pensacola, Florida. During this time she assisted in preparing medical documentation which allowed doctors to focus more on the patient.

“I was attracted to the idea of ongoing support offered by the Survivorship Program, Emond said. “After my experience with patients in the E.R., I have such high appreciation for the follow through and care coordination that the Survivorship Clinic provides to patients that have completed the cancer treatment regimens and are still adjusting after leaving their treatment teams. “

Emond spends countless hours on the phone with patients to prepare them for their visits. She also participates in annual events for survivors, caregivers and their families hosted by the Survivorship Program, and will tell you, without hesitation, how much she enjoys these engagements.