Vanessa Barone, MPH


Vanessa Barone, MPH

Vanessa Barone

Committed to improving quality of live for young cancer survivors

Project manager Vanessa Barone arrived at the Fred Hutch Survivorship Program in 2015 to manage up the Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) clinical trials and studies.

Young adults are an underserved survivor population and are often overlooked by the medical community. "My goal is to increase the enrollment rates for AYA survivorship studies, Barone said. “Doing so will help us manage the late and long-term effects of their cancer treatment and improve their quality of life."

Before joining the Survivorship Program, Barone was a research coordinator handling transplant and hepatology clinical trials in the Organ Transplant department at Swedish Medical Center.

“I had worked on a couple projects at the Hutch as a graduate intern and loved the supportive research environment it provides to its scientific and administrative staff, said Barone. “ This position was the perfect opportunity to utilize my prior work experience in clinical research and interest in underserved populations. We have seen so many advancements in oncology care it is often easy to forget that a cure is not the end in a patient’s journey and that we need to continue to provide social and medical support as they move forward in their lives. “

Hutch is the coordinating site for several clinical trials, so Barone spends her day communicating with the various research sites to track the progress of the studies and troubleshoot issues, if needed. She also coordinates enrollment of patients to local trials and manages the data from these trials.

If asked, Barone will tell you she enjoys working with the other survivorship programs across the country — sharing experiences enables the continued growth of each trial which will ultimately result in improved research and patient care.