Patient Reunions

Speaker Presentations

2011 Patient Reunion Speaker Presentations

Conversations for Family & Caregivers »
Fran Lewis, PhD, RN, and Sonia Venkatraman PhD

Coping with Post Transplant Issues Late Complications – what have we learned »
Dr. Mary Flowers 
Coping with Post Transplant Issues for Pediatric Patients »
Jean Sanders, MD

Exercise: Active Survivorship »
Lexi Harlow, DPT, CLT, Physical Therapist

Lessons from the Annual Questionnaire »
Eric Chow, MD, MPH, Stephanie Lee, MD, MPH, and Paul Martin, MD

Nutrition: Eating for Life: Minimizing Long-Term Nutritional Consequences of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation »
Kim Jordan, RD, CD, CNSD,  Paula Charuhas Macris, MS, RD, CSO, CD, FADA, Patty McDonnell, RD, CSO, CD

Relationships and Intimacy for Men »
Sylvie Aubin, PhD

Relationships and Intimacy for Women »
Lori Brotto, PhD, R. Psych.

Spirituality »
Stephen King, Manager, Chaplaincy, SCCA

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