Denae Davis, RN

Long-Term Follow-Up

Denae Davis, RN

Denae thought she would have a career in scientific research, even shadowing at a Fred Hutchinson lab during her Biology studies at Western Washington University.  She realized that patient contact was important to her, and went on to nursing school to combine her fascination of what the human body could do and desire to help people into a fulfilling nursing career.

Bone Marrow Transplant caught her interest early, and she started as a new nurse on the BMT and Hematology-Oncology inpatient unit at University of Washington Medical Center before transitioning to the outpatient BMT clinic at SCCA.  Denae enjoyed patient teaching, starting with their first visit at the BMT clinic.  By helping patients and their families understand the science of what BMT is trying to accomplish, they can be active participants in their own care.

After providing coverage for several different areas of the BMT clinic for 6 years, Denae joined the LTFU Telemedicine team.  She continues to enjoy patient teaching, helping patients navigate guidelines and precautions as they return home.  LTFU also meets her love for research by talking to patients about possible chronic GVHD protocols and deciphering research that applies to their lives.  Often, conversations with patients not only meet their current needs but also gleans information that may help other patients in the future.  Every patient's life is unique, and there is something new to learn every day.  Denae also appreciates helping patients move from focusing on their cancer treatment, to recovering their strength and focusing again on wellness as they find a balance with their new normal after transplant.  

When she's not at SCCA, Denae enjoys watching Seattle sports, reading, gardening, and exploring the outdoors with her dog, Griffey.  She's travelled much of the world and thinks there is no better place to be than the Pacific Northwest.