Long-Term Follow-Up

Staff Profiles

Mihkai Wickline, RN
Mihkai never imagined she would fall in love with cancer nursing, aspiring instead to serve patients in a Trauma or Burn setting. It only took a couple shifts on the Oncology Unit, however, for her to fall in love with the patients and the nurses that cared for them.
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Joan Suver, PA-C
With 22 nieces and nephews, and many of them in their teens, it's fair to say that Joan Suver knows how to communicate with the younger set. These skills certainly come in handy for Joan, a physician assistant with the Pediatric Long-Term Follow-up Clinic.
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Joanne Quinn, RN
Joanne Quinn started at Fred Hutch when most of our patients were transplanted at Swedish Hospital. Today, she is part of a new LTFU team at SCCA, the Transitional Transplant Clinic.
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Elaine Hagan, RN
Elaine Hagan got her start at the Fred Hutch after she saw an ad seeking bone marrow transplant nurses—at a time when the procedure was still in its early stages.
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Colleen Duffy
In her 20 years at Fred Hutch, Colleen Duffy has been involved with transplant patients in nearly every facet of their care. She worked in a pre-transplant unit, a transplant unit and now, with LTFU, a post-transplant program.
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Scott Baker, MD

Scott Baker, MD, MSc
Dr. Scott Baker came to Fred Hutch nearly three years ago thanks to his interest in research and academics. But one of the big draws for him was the Long-Term Follow-Up program.
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Paul Martin, MD
Back in 1975, when bone marrow transplantation was in its infancy, and a leukemia diagnosis meant chances of survival were little more than zero, Dr. Paul Martin had one of those Aha! moments that makes everything crystal clear.
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Tamarin Jenkins
Before taking the position of patient care coordinator, Tamarin Smith knew in her heart who was going to be the real boss.
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Anne Chafee, RN
Working with cancer patients before and after their treatment has given nurse Anne Chafee a unique perspective on their needs.
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Paul Carpenter, MD
As the only Clinical Research Division clinician with a foot in both pediatric and adult camps, Carpenter's duties shift between pediatric bone-marrow transplant patients, long-term follow-up care for both adult and pediatric patients and research, mainly focused on graft-vs.-host disease (GVHD).
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Stephanie Lee, MD
What happens before and after a transplant is of particular interest to Dr. Stephanie Lee, who joined Fred Hutch last January.
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Carina Moravec, ARNP
No two patients share the same post-transplant experience, which makes Carina Moravec's job as a nurse practitioner with the LTFU the most interesting, challenging and satisfying one she's ever had.
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Mary Flowers, MD
Dr. Flowers is the director of the Adult Clinical Care LTFU, which supports approximately 3,500 bone-marrow and stem-cell transplant survivors, helping patients and their primary physicians to manage post-transplant complications as they recover and resume their lives.
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Judy Campbell, RN, Retired
Judy Campbell says she became a cancer nurse by "default." Now, she can't imagine doing anything else. Campbell has been caring for Fred Hutch patients for 34 years.
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