Transplant Statistics

Long-Term Follow-Up

Transplant Statistics

Q: How many patients have a stem-cell or marrow transplant at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) each year?  

Approximately 400 patients have a transplant each year. About 150 have an autologous transplant using the patient's own stem or marrow cells, and the rest have an allogeneic transplant using cells from related or unrelated donors.


Q: How many patients in the Seattle program are currently receiving treatment before a transplant or are recovering after a transplant?

About 150 to 160 patients are in Seattle either getting ready for a transplant or recovering during the first several months after the procedure.

Q: At any one time, how many doctors take care of these transplant patients?

Patient care is directed by seven attending physicians, four in outpatient clinics at the SCCA, two at inpatient floors of the University of Washington Medical Center, and one at Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center.


Q: At any one time, how many other people are involved in taking care of transplant patients?

Many people are involved. The list includes nurses, dieticians, physical therapists, consultant doctors, radiotherapists, pharmacists, chaplains, social workers, radiologists, pathologists, clinical care coordinators, clinic schedulers, receptionists, ward secretaries, laboratory workers and volunteers.

Q: How many patients who had a stem-cell or marrow transplant at the Hutchinson Center or SCCA are still living?

The total number of survivors increases each year and is now approaching 4,000.

Q: How do these patients get medical care after they leave the SCCA?

These patients get almost all of their medical care from their own doctors.

Q: How many doctors at the SCCA help in the care of patients who have had a transplant in the past?

Currently, this work is done by two physicians, one for adults and one for children. These doctors are called "LTFU attendings." About six doctors at the SCCA share this work.

Q: At any one time, how many others are involved in taking care of patients who have had a transplant in the past?  

The LTFU attending physician works with three nurses and two nurse practitioners to answer questions from patients and their doctors. The LTFU attendings also work with visiting physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurses to evaluate about 15 patients who are seen in the SCCA outpatient clinic each week.