Hutch School Arts Program

Hutch School

Arts Program

Students creating paper mache

Visual art, drama, music, dance and movement, creative writing and poetry all play a part in the lives of students while at Hutch School. Working with local artists and teachers, students are encouraged to explore different ways of expressing ideas as they develop their skills.  We also have the occasional opportunity to attend plays or music performances.

Some of our arts teachers join us throughout the year; others teach a series of sessions several times during the school year. Students might have the opportunity to work with Youth Theatre Northwest, Writers in the Schools and musician Wes Weddell.

The Arts Program is of no cost to students or families.

Hutch School through students' eyes

Collages by Paetyn, Cristian and Kasey

Images courtesy of Paetyn, Cristian and Kasey (left to right)

Students created collages of the school and, in a separate activity, wrote about what Hutch School means to them. Through their words and artwork, we share with you how Hutch School affects the many children who have been sheltered and taught here.