Hutch School Enrollment

Hutch School


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Children in Kindergarten to 12th Grade are welcome to become enrolled at Hutch School at any time during the school year.

The length of time a child attends Hutch School will vary. It may be as short as a few weeks, carry over for several months, or it may extend for a whole school year. It all depends on how long the student -- or the student’s patient -- needs to receive treatment in Seattle. We know that the decision to relocate temporarily can happen quite suddenly, so if you are unable to call or email in advance, please know the student can be enrolled after arriving in Seattle. 

A phone call to (206) 667-1400 or email will get the enrollment process started. 

Hutch School provides two program options for enrollment: the Group Program and the Patient Tutoring Program. 

Group Program

  • For students who are not the patient in their family and also by patients who have been medically cleared to attend school in a small classroom settling.
  • Occurs Monday-Friday from
    8:45 a.m. to 2:00 p.m

Patient Tutoring Program

  • For students who are the patient and not able to attend the Group Program due to health concerns. 
  • Offered by Hutch School teachers Monday-Friday after 2 p.m.