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About Hutch School

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Our Commitment

Hutch School strives to be an oasis, a place where young patients and family members learn and connect with others in similar situations. For over 25 years, we have been educating and supporting patient and family members who are dealing with serious illness while temporarily living in Seattle. We realize the health of the patient in the family is a foremost concern, and our aim is to bring some sense of normalcy and hope for school-aged children during difficult times.

We are dedicated to providing a rigorous, supportive, and fun educational environment for children as they learn and explore with students coming from all over the United States.

Our Approach

Students working on crafts

Hutch School students are all going through an extraordinary time in their lives as they cope with illness and change. Families and students take their own unique path as they navigate this journey. We accommodate the reality of our students’ lives by offering a nurturing environment and flexible ways to learn. We get to know our students well, and we tailor our instruction to meet individual needs. Our students make new friends, stay engaged with school and grow in surprising ways.

Unique Learning Opportunities

We recognize that learning happens inside and outside the classroom. Our students may be able to learn valuable lessons about biology and physiology from their experiences with illness. We value field trips as an integral part of our curriculum and a way to take advantage of the many opportunities of living in a new place. Students meet classmates from all over the country and learn from each other. Our goal is to help students connect their lives to school, and school to their lives.

Our Partners

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