Hutch magazine - Winter 2015

Hutch Magazine

Changing the future of cancer, one life at a time

Everything we do here at Fred Hutch starts and ends with patients. Decades ago, it was one patient — baseball great Fred Hutchinson — who inspired everything that is happening today inside our labs.

40 things you didn't know about Fred Hutch

Discover how Fred Hutch has changed lives — and the world — with anecdotes and facts ranging from the amazing to the arcane.

Q&A: Researcher roundtable

Five Fred Hutch researchers ranging from veterans to early-career investigators talk about 40 years of changes, challenges - and why research matters.

Then/Now photo gallery

Fred Hutch photographer Robert Hood melds the present and past with images inspired by one of his favorite websites, which asks users to “take a picture of a picture from the past in the present.”

‘He was my dad’

A son remembers Fred Hutchinson: the legend and the man.

Donors reflect on their Fred Hutch connections

Learn how our donors are supporting Fred Hutch’s next 40 years and beyond and how you can join them.

40 Years of gratitude

When the doors of Fred Hutch opened in 1975, we were honored to have the support of more than 1,200 benefactors — visionary donors willing to invest in a new but promising organization and a future free from cancer. In just the past year, more than 33,000 such visionaries partnered with us.

To the more than 300,000 individuals and organizations who have so generously contributed to the Hutch over the past four decades to start new cures, we extend our most heartfelt gratitude. On behalf of our scientists and staff, and especially the millions of patients and families around the world whose lives have been touched by the work you made possible,