Fred Hutch in South Africa

Fred Hutch in South Africa

Fred Hutch researchers are playing a key role in finding an HIV vaccine. Hutch leads the HIV Vaccine Trials Network, the world's largest publicly funded multidisciplinary international collaboration to develop vaccines to prevent HIV/AIDS. A partnership involving research scientists, clinical trial sites, laboratories, funders, regulators and ethicists, participants, volunteers and community representatives working with industry, academia, and governments in the global search for a preventive HIV vaccine.

Fred Hutch News Service science reporter, Mary Engel, and multimedia editor, Robert Hood, reported on the 21st International AIDS conference, AIDS2016, and shared local stories from Durban, South Africa. Track their activities on Fred Hutch Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Fred Hutch's HIV work in South Africa

The Legacy of Nkosi Johnson

At AIDS 2016, a South African pediatrician and Fred Hutch vaccine researcher pays tribute to a young HIV hero.



AIDS 2016: Faces and voices from an ongoing pandemic

The closing session of AIDS 2016, the biennial meeting of the International AIDS Society, in Durban, South Africa, drew about 18,000 scientists, world leaders, celebrities, advocates and people living with HIV from 180 countries.

HIV vaccine clinical trials take center stage at world's largest global health conference

'The HIV vaccine field is open for business,' said Fred Hutch's Dr. Larry Corey at International AIDS Society's biennial meeting in Durban, South Africa


Renewed hope for halting HIV through vaccine

At International AIDS Conference, researchers are optimistic as two new HIV vaccine trials are set to explore different approaches for protection.


Global AIDS conference returns to Africa: What's changed

The last time the International AIDS Conference was in Africa, AIDS denialism was at its height; two Fred Hutch leaders in the fight to end HIV talk about where we’ve been – and what’s next.


Drug-filled vaginal ring protects women from HIV — when used correctly

The ring is lightweight, flexible, affordable and innocuous looking. It can be worn — and forgotten about — for four weeks at a time. And when used correctly, it can protect women against HIV.


35 years in the AIDS trenches

After helping pave the way to HIV treatment, Dr. Larry Corey wants a vaccine — and a cure. With an estimated 40 million people living with HIV today, Corey and many others see a vaccine as the best hope to get to an AIDS-free generation.


Experimental HIV vaccine clinical trial to expand in South Africa

An experimental HIV vaccine regimen being tested in a small clinical trial in South Africa has met the benchmarks to expand into a large-scale trial that could lead to the first licensed vaccine against the virus that causes AIDS.

Dr. Larry Corey on the path to an HIV vaccine

A new path to an AIDS vaccine?

Two of the world’s top HIV prevention clinical trial networks have joined forces to test an experimental antibody that could potentially protect people from infection by almost all strains of the rapidly mutating virus that causes AIDS.


Dr. Glenda Gray, HIV warrior

Glenda Gray: the HIV warrior

Gray helps lead the HVTN, the largest publicly funded global network working to develop a preventive HIV vaccine.Her fearless drive to stop HIV was forged in the fight against apartheid. She grew up in a family of activists.



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