Yee Lab’s Pollack wins $300,000 sarcoma award

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Yee Lab’s Pollack wins $300,000 sarcoma award

Sarcoma Alliance for Research through Collaboration boosts Seth Pollack’s adoptive T-cell therapy research for bone and tissue cancers

May 16, 2011
Dr. Seth Pollack

The Clinical Research Division’s Dr. Seth Pollack is developing adoptive T-cell therapy for sarcomas.

Photo courtesy Dr. Seth Pollack

Dr. Seth Pollack, a postdoctoral fellow in the Clinical Research Division’s Yee Lab, has been awarded a three-year, $300,000 career development award from the Sarcoma Alliance for Research through Collaboration for his efforts in developing adoptive T-cell therapy for sarcomas—cancers of the bone and connective tissues.

Adoptive T-cell therapy, a process that gives cancer patients’ depleted immune systems an extra boost of disease-fighting T-cells, is an effective treatment for certain viral diseases and has shown success in treating advanced melanoma.

Pollack is currently completing his medical oncology fellowship and will start as an acting instructor for the University of Washington in July. He completed his internal medicine internship and residency at George Washington University.

SARC’s career development awards help prepare and support clinician-scientists as they begin their careers as independent clinical researchers, with the goal of translating research findings into therapeutic approaches for sarcomas.
SARC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and support of clinical trials to prevent, treat and cure sarcomas.

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