Food and funds for Northwest Harvest

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Food and funds for Northwest Harvest

Information Technology Department ends annual food drive with 1,613 pounds of food, 400 more pounds of food than last year

Jan. 11, 2010
Randy Rue, Ana Dos Santos, Pat Hirayama and Sean Kliger

From left: Information Technology's Randy Rue, Ana Dos Santos, Pat Hirayama and Sean Kliger with a few pounds of food bound for Northwest Harvest.

Photo by Carol Insalaco

The annual Information Technology Holiday Food Drive ended close to its one ton goal by collecting 1,613.5 pounds of food and $120.

The food and money went to Northwest Harvest. The nonprofit agency relies entirely on private donations to support nearly 300 independent food banks and provide hunger relief to millions in Washington every year. More than half of those served are children and the elderly.

"Given the state of the economy, it's important for those of us who can to help people in need," said Pat Hirayama. "We are happy to play a small role in facilitating donations to Northwest Harvest, and we'd like to thank those at the Hutchinson Center who contributed to the drive this season."

Food donations this season totaled 400 pounds more than last year.

If you would still like to help or make donations to Northwest Harvest, visit

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