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Evolutionary geneticist Malik to join Basic Sciences Division faculty

May 1, 2003

A researcher with interests in evolutionary biology will join the Basic Sciences Division faculty this fall.

Dr. Harmit Malik, currently a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Steven Henikoff's laboratory in the Basic Sciences Division, studies centromeres, the parts of chromosomes that serve as attachment sites for the fibers that pull chromosomes apart during cell division. Malik's research suggests that the diversity of centromeres among organisms may help to explain how new species evolve.

"Harmit has a remarkable intellect and grasp of biology and is already a leader in the development and use of bioinformatics for approaching important biologic questions," said Dr. Mark Groudine, Basic Sciences Division director.

"The search committee and faculty ranked Harmit at the very top of a list of outstanding candidates. In fact, we were so impressed with him that we made an exception to our usual practice of not hiring from within the center. Harmit was offered faculty positions everywhere he interviewed, and we are very pleased he accepted our offer."

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