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Kleinschmidt donation of $1.8 million targets prostate cancer, lymphoma

June 7, 2001

The Hutch recently received one of the largest individual gifts in its history from Seattle resident Nelda Kleinschmidt, who contributed $1.8 million of her late husband Ralph's estate to the Center.

"I hope this expression of support will let Dr. (Lee) Hartwell (Center president and director), Dr. (E. Donnall) Thomas (Nobel laureate and director emeritus of the Clinical Research Division), Dr. (Fred) Appelbaum (division director) and the staff know that their efforts continue to be recognized and respected," Kleinschmidt said.

In 1999, Ralph Kleinschmidt died and through his estate set up a charitable trust for Nelda. This trust was to pay income to her for her life. Following her death, the remainder of the trust was to go to the Hutch.

This spring, Nelda Kleinschmidt dissolved the trust and made a gift of the assets. She asked that proceeds be used to forward research into prostate cancer and lymphoma.

"We thank Mrs. Kleinschmidt for this wonderful and most generous gift," said Larry Feder, vice president of Development. "It is greatly appreciated."

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