2012 Annual Report

2012 Research Breakthroughs

The curative power of umbilical cord blood

Dr. Colleen Delaney is pioneering research focused on the healing powers of umbilical cord blood transplants.

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Significant breakthrough in pancreatic cancer treatment

Dr. Sunil Hingorani unraveled the secrets of how pancreatic tumors thwart chemotherapy and developed a way to penetrate those defenses.

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Targeting the genetic drivers of lethal prostate cancers

Dr. Peter Nelson has discovered genetic mutations in aggressive prostate cancers, providing clues to why some prostate cancers are lethal and become resistant to treatment.

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Breaking the link between obesity and cancer

Sally von Bargen lost 75 pounds, nearly one-third of her body weight, during an exercise and diet study conducted by Dr. Anne McTiernan.

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Correcting genes that cause inherited diseases

In his Hutchinson Center laboratory, structural biologist Dr. Barry Stoddard is engineering biochemical guided missiles to fix genetic diseases.

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Hope for patients with a common muscular dystrophy

Dr. Stephen Tapscott’s team broke a decades-long stalemate with a common form of muscular dystrophy when they identified the mechanisms that cause it.

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Discovery of an HIV vulnerability is advancing vaccine development

Dr. Peter Gilbert and colleagues have found evidence of weakness in HIV’s armor, which is changing the science of vaccine development.

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HIV treatment as prevention: Breakthrough of the year

Dr. Ying Chen and colleagues designed and analyzed the groundbreaking study that proved the drugs used to treat AIDS can prevent the spread of HIV.

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