Annual Report 2015: Cures Start Here

Annual Report 2015

Top Story

Living with stage 4

Diane Mapes’ story about women with metastatic breast cancer was viewed more than 53,000 times, making it our most-viewed story. Those with MBC will be in treatment for the rest of their lives, and they often feel isolated and misunderstood in a culture focused on survivorship.


Good news at Fred Hutch

News about Dr. Cyrus Ghajar receiving a $4.1 million grant to study ways to prevent metastatic breast cancer was our top-performing story on social media. The piece generated more than 500 likes, comments and shares on Facebook.

And ... Action!


The music video by the band OK Sweetheart was the top-viewed video on Fred Hutch’s YouTube page. The video was seen nearly 11,000 times. “Safe” was featured on Violet Sessions — proceeds from the CD support research through Project Violet at Fred Hutch.

Share Your Story

Julie Guillot

Julie’s son Zach developed acute myeloid leukemia and underwent a four-year struggle that involved multiple bone marrow transplants. Zach eventually landed in Seattle for treatment. He passed away in 2014. Since then, Julie has worked tirelessly to generate support for Fred Hutch.

Photos of the year

Say cheese!

The Berlin Patient. Uganda. Obliteride. Pat Benatar. In the past year, we’ve been halfway around the world, we’ve attracted notable figures to our Seattle campus, and we’ve shared our researchers’ amazing breakthroughs. Take a look at our Year in Pictures slideshow.

A letter from Paula Reynolds

Chair of the board

From hiring new President and Director Gary Gilliland to a year-long celebration of Fred Hutch’s 40th anniversary to a record-setting level of private contributions from our dedicated supporters, it’s been an amazing year.

Your support saves lives

Cures start at Fred Hutch thanks to the generosity of our vast community of supporters.

We are honored to recognize the more than 32,000 private contributors who helped propel lifesaving discovery here this fiscal year.


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