President's Message

2012 Annual Report

Your gifts catalyze our lifesaving breakthroughs

Dr. Larry Corey

Dr. Larry Corey


One of the privileges of my position as president and director of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is to reflect each year on the many ways in which our latest breakthroughs lead to improved health for people around the globe. It is both rewarding and deeply humbling to know our research saves lives.

Another privilege I particularly enjoy is thanking the many organizations and individuals who support the Hutchinson Center. Breakthroughs happen here because generous benefactors like you give our pioneering researchers the freedom to create and explore innovative ideas with the potential for profound impact.

This year that exploration led to major strides— not just in one or two areas, but across the entire breadth of our research. Some of our recent advances, highlighted in this annual report, include:

  • Creative new solutions to treatment challenges —including bold efforts to extend the curative power of bone marrow transplantation to wider patient populations and a game-changing breakthrough in pancreatic cancer treatment.
  • Understanding the structure and mechanism of highly specific DNA-binding proteins—after investing nearly 20 years in research to unlock their secrets—which might one day be used to repair children’s genetic disorders, such as cystic fibrosis, thalassemia and sickle cell anemia, through a combination of targeted gene correction and stem cell transplantation.
  • World-leading cancer prevention research to unravel the links among obesity, inflammation and cancer risk, helping the medical community begin to tackle the emerging epidemic of obesity-related cancers.
  • Two unprecedented discoveries—one that sheds light on why some prostate cancers are lethal and another that reveals how a single genetic abnormality leads to a form of muscular dystrophy—that researchers can leverage to craft new prevention, detection and treatment strategies for these diseases, and potentially many others as well.
  • The finding that drugs used to treat AIDS can actually prevent HIV’s spread—a result so significant it was named the breakthrough of the year by Science magazine—and first-of-its-kind evidence of a viral vulnerability that is already changing the science of HIV vaccine development.

These achievements show how innovative thinking, catalyzed by your gifts, brings hope to patients and their families. Your contributions sustain the Hutchinson Center’s unique scientific culture—one that fosters ingenuity, risk-taking and collaboration among the world’s top researchers to produce major medical advances.

On behalf of everyone at the Hutchinson Center, I extend my sincere thanks to you for helping us save lives by investing in our breakthrough research.

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