Chair's Message

2012 Annual Report

Without research, there are no cures

Steve Davis

Steve Davis


Without research, there are no cures. That’s why every day for nearly 40 years, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s investigators have dedicated themselves to world-class science. The payoff has been immense—breakthroughs in virtually every field of cancer research, discoveries that save thousands of lives each year. And the promise for the future is even greater.

Your support is critical to our ongoing efforts to eradicate cancer and other life-threatening diseases. It is your investment that propels Hutchinson Center science forward, accelerating progress along the entire research pipeline, whether by funding an early stage study, nurturing the career of a talented young investigator, or jump-starting a clinical trial that will bring tomorrow’s therapies to today’s patients.

When you give to science, science gives back, and this report illustrates how Hutchinson Center researchers are turning your investment into innovation. We thank you for your partnership and for inspiring all of us with your generosity.