People Making a Difference

2004 Annual Report

People Making a Difference

Private contributors fund many critical programs at the Hutchinson Center. During the fiscal year, individuals, corporations, foundations and other organizations donated nearly $34 million through contributions, memorial and honor donations, and in-kind gifts.

Chris and Donna Ishii

"Largely because of the reputation of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and our love for our community and baseball, we started sponsoring the Hutch Award several years ago. Then, in 2002, Donna was diagnosed with leukemia and our relationship with the Hutch changed from donor to patient. We were warmly comforted when we learned that our oncologist had experience at the Hutchinson Center. Living in Honolulu at the time, we flew to the Center to learn about various treatment options. It was a most impressive visit and we were proud to see how our donations in the past might have contributed to what we witnessed that day. We are very happy to report that Donna has been in remission for more than two years and our sponsorship and patronage of the Hutchinson Center can now be best described as a friendship that we will always appreciate and cherish."

Mal and June Karfstedt

"Our family, like so many others, has been deeply affected by cancer—10 people in our extended family have suffered from the disease. From its track record of success, we know the Hutchinson Center is the best place for our donations. We’re gratified to know that we are helping to spur the next generation of breakthroughs for new and better ways to prevent and cure cancer."

Myrtle Forrest

"As a retired Army nurse, I have seen firsthand how advances in medical research have saved many, many lives. After my brother died of cancer, I decided to become involved in supporting the Hutchinson Center’s research through annual gifts and by including a bequest in my will. I’m proud to say that one of the world’s leading cancer-research institutions is right here in my adopted home state of Washington."

Stanley H. Barer

"I can think of no organization whose mission is more important to all than the Hutchinson Center. As a cancer survivor, I know personally how devastating it is to learn you have cancer and how important research and proper treatment is in saving lives."

Louise and Carl Lovsted

"We have always had great admiration and respect for the outstanding contributions of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. This became deeply personalized for us when our niece and I faced serious cancer challenges in our lives. After 11 years, my cancer returned; had research strides not been made, my treatment options would not be as comprehensive as they are. We are grateful for the state-of-the-art cancer treatments pioneered by Fred Hutch and we support giving seed money for pilot studies to speed new developments in cancer research."

Richard Miyauchi

"Cancer is so prevalent in our world and has such a devastating impact on far too many families, including my own. Yet I passionately believe that cancer will be defeated. That is why my family created The Michael Miyauchi Foundation to enable honorable research institutions such as Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to expedite a victory over this disease."

Stephanie Mapelli

"When a longtime friend lost an ugly battle with breast cancer, I felt compelled to do something positive so that others would not have to suffer with this disease as she did. I believe the breast-cancer research being conducted at the Hutchinson Center will do just that. That’s why I started raising money through the Center’s Climb to Fight Breast Cancer. I see mountain climbing and breast-cancer research as being quite similar—it’s one step at a time and eventually we will get to the summit."

Patrick Gordon

"As cancer continues to touch all of our lives, we remain extremely committed to Fred Hutchinson, whose mission of excellence in cancer research and patient care is paramount to our health and well-being. I can’t think of a more important cause. We’ve built our practice on the design of buildings that inspire hope, and that’s what the Hutchinson Center is all about."

Henry "Hank" Martin

"During my wife Fuchsia’s long struggle with cancer, we looked for a way to help others with this disease. My charitable gift annuities with the Hutchinson Center allow me to make a significant gift to cancer research. I’m very happy to be able to help the Center with its mission to eliminate cancer."