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HIV-like viruses in nonhuman primates existed much earlier than hypothesized

Study led by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s Dr. Michael Emerman revises origins of simian AIDS viruses to more than 5 million years ago

Jan. 28, 2013

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Michael Emerman: Virology's new editor-in-chief

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center faculty member becomes only the fourth to hold the position in the scientific journal's 58-year history

Jan. 2, 2013 | By Galen Motin Goff

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Michael Emerman wins McDougall mentorship award

Students, postdocs honor Fred Hutch scientist whose individualized teaching style fuels excitement about questions and process of discovering answers

Dec. 10, 2012 | By Brad Broberg

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Scientists track birth of evolutionary genetic arms race

Emerman, Malik study uncovers ability of some HIV-related viruses to defeat primate cellular-defense system SAMHD1 protein

Feb. 6, 2012

Using a combination of evolutionary biology and virology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center scientists have traced the birth of the ability of some HIV-related viruses to defeat a newly discovered cellular-defense system in primates.

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Lessons from evolutionary battle scars

Identifying protein locked in conflict with immunity gene could lead to novel ways to tackle diseases caused by alphaviruses

Jan. 28, 2008 | By Kristen Woodward

Rapid evolution of a protein produced by an immunity gene is associated with increased antiviral activity in humans. The finding, by Dr. Julie Kerns, a postdoctoral researcher in the Basic Sciences Division of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, suggests that evolutionary biology and virology together can accelerate the discovery of viral-defense mechanisms.

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Fossil virus reveals clues to today's HIV pandemic

Scientists explain how innate human immunity to ancient retrovirus PtERV1 increases our vulnerability to HIV infection

July 1, 2007 | By KRISTEN WOODWARD

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