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'Wtf'? A gene that poisons its own host

Discovery of genes that divide two species in a simple fungus sheds light on complex evolutionary principles

June 20, 2017 | By Rachel Tompa / Fred Hutch News Service

In a new study, researchers describe a family of genes called "wtf" — and how they don't behave in the way you might expect.

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Evolutionary understanding emerges from genome’s dark matter

Malik Lab researchers find heterochromatin helps explain speciation

Nov. 2, 2009

New research into this field by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Basic Sciences Division researchers, published online Oct. 22 in Science Express, suggests that the explanation for why crosses between two species often yeild sterile or inviable progeny lies within the “dark matter" of the genome: heterochromatin, a tightly packed, gene-poor compartment of DNA found within the genomes of all nucleated cells.

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Sexual conflict may play key role in speciation

Findings by Peichel and colleagues lay the groundwork for long-term goal of identifying genes that contribute to behavioral differences in natural populations

Sept. 28, 2009

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Human Biology Division’s Drs. Katie Peichel and Jun Kitano, along with Joe Ross, a former graduate student in the Molecular and Cellular Biology program, and colleagues identified a new sex-chromosome system that is found in only one of two species of threespine stickleback fish that exist in the same habitat in the Sea of Japan. The findings, published this week in the journal Nature, suggest that sex-chromosome changes may have a far greater role in speciation than was previously anticipated.

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